I Am Poetry.


Our differences in tongues and skins

are God’s gentle beautiful art keen.

Like a caterer turning rice to jollof rice,

fried, coconut or leaving it white.

We are various isles from one island,

We are geckos that echo on one land.

Tho’ we’re scattered like cast seeds,

a:r hearts’re twined like pair of genes.

I smoked wisdom, puffs of Intels spin,

Listen to voices that’re wisdom filled.

If genesis is not revolution.

Then heed my words for satisfaction.

The world`s a grassland to hearth all,

Rain graces the grass and Shrubs tall. Thus, we remain therein to breed,

To empty this earth-full and be freed.

Heed! For peace and unity to rain

blood in the Black and White veins.

We wind across the lonely path on

the mount with none but rocky soil.

With arms interlock we aim sky high

and our difference…

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