How I Grieve.

rose-nationalflowerusaPlant a rose in my backyard;

With colorful petals to cheer me

Let it sprout,

Till petals dance freely serenading me with silent lullabies of comfort

Plant a rose

Let it supplant a better-half plucked from my inner soul.


I have gullies on my cheeks, tears peeled off my skin

War has widowed me, in exchange for freedom

I’m free in my dark world of sorrow

Plant a rose ;

Let it discolor the darkness in my world.

I have grieved with my eyes, ears, toes and jaws

Seas of tears have gone to waste;

Plant a rose;

I will irrigate it with my tears

Till he calls my name again

Plant a rose in my backyard.

(c) Elizabeth Semende – 2016


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