Learning to make homes

In these places where women come to die

My mother’s words take turns to hit my ears:

“When you find a man, carve a home beneath his pride and

 learn to make homes from nothing.”
Then I screamed: Mother this is not my home!

This is not a home!

It carries the weight of a man’s pride 

the same way  corpses carry the weight of tombstones​

In silence.

Mother did not listen.
She too found a home 

In these places where nothing remains 

but a swarm of men urinating on the flame of our souls 

She said: that is how we make homes out of nothing

By carrying the weight of a man’s pride

In silence.

© Elizabeth Semende


38 thoughts on “Learning to make homes

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  2. Reblogged this on Happiness Between Tails by da-AL and commented:
    Be Your Own Best Role Model – & – Guest Blog Post:

    in Elizabeth Semende’s exact words

    Role models can be great. They provide wisdom for how to get where we’d like to be.

    Take care, though.

    In our eagerness, we risk blindness and deafness to how sometimes they’re better examples of what not to do. Of the ones we love, those who are closest to us, their familiarity can feel like normalcy.

    The amazing poem posted by afroliz of Zimbabwe that follows illustrates what I’m trying to say.

    I believe we must all continually work to be our own best role models. Let us be lighthearted in working toward that goal. Let us be as serious as happiness when it comes to understanding which role models we might already have unwittingly chosen.


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  3. Hi afroliz
    I’m so sorry for your terrible plight.
    This saddens me so much…
    Yet ”tis is the plight of many women who are “carrying the weight of a man ‘s pride in silence.”
    Tragically expressed, those words will never leave me.
    Regards. Marie.

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