Atrocious Love

atrocious-loveYour love is a catalyst that when felt;

Drumbeats are head reverberating from the soundless corners of my soul,

Mobilizing feelings that when our skin brush screams are heard

Sweetly packed as if to awaken erotic nectars hidden in the dark corners of my soul.

Sweet thoughts impregnates my mind followed by a painless birth of sorrow that when it starts to blend with my soul;

Tears will bleed from the eyes of the sun watering desolate deserts situated on the center of my heart

Blood will gush from the veins of the moon coloring galaxies of stars inside my eyes;

Adorning our love with the finest garment of pain.

Your love is a gun-trigger if erroneously pulled wars will breakout worsening hurts;

Causing pain deeper than a florist’s harvest of thorny weeds in the middle of spring igniting past hurts


Heartbreaks that warmed my soul once upon a time, in a groundless horizon;

Where love was in the air and so was I, dancing and daring the laws of nature;

Whilst disputing the force of gravity

I used to dance in the air but not anymore;

It hurts I have fallen


Now I’m drowning in the dead sea of love.

(c) Elizabeth Semende – 2016


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